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Marrakech Economic Festival

This event will take place during the 2023 Annual Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Marrakech, Morocco. If you will be in Marrakech for the Annual Meetings and would like to attend in person, this event will be held at the Ouahat Sidi Brahim Circuit la palmeraie DAR Al Phosphate.

The current times of uncertainty, of economic disruptions, of environmental emergency but also of geopolitics crisis, have led to a fragmented and changing world in which the dynamics we have known for years has now drastically changed, becoming more fragmented, more tensed, more on the edge, and more under stress.

World leaders may not agree on much these days, but many of them share the sentiment that the world is entering a critical decade in the contest for the future international order. Over the last three decades, businesses and governments around the world operated under the assumption that economic and financial globalization would continue apace. As the international order has come under strain in recent years, however, the concept of deglobalization – the delinking of trade and investment so– has increasingly gained traction with households, companies, and governments. National security and geopolitics are supplanting economics in shaping national and international interactions. Central bankers around the world are called upon to deal with the repercussions of strategic economic relations on macroeconomic variables, inflation dynamics, monetary policy, financial stability, and market infrastructures.

Alongside the Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, this new festival will host a rich variety of programming, with multiple sessions and book talks held during the week of the Annual Meetings. CGD will co-host three of the festival's programs:

All times listed below are for local time GMT+1.

Global Economic Possibilities for Our Children

Thursday, October 11, 8:45-9:55 AM
Featuring: Masood Ahmed, Larry Summers, and Jacob Frenkel

Financing for Development: What Comes Next? Climate Finance

Friday, October 13, 2:00-3:15 PM  
Featuring: Masood Ahmed, Avinash Persaud, Mattia Romani, Daouda Sembene, Vera Songwe, and Mark Suzman  

Financing for Development: What Comes Next? Development Finance 

Friday, October 13 3:40-5:00 PM
Featuring: Niels Annen, Niale Kaba, Kalpana Kocchar, Hanan Morsy, Remy Rioux, and Rama Yade 

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